About Mine-RP Network

About Mine-RP

Established in 2011

Houses a highly qualified staff

A gaming community with a lot to offer


Harvey, a.k.a. MrCrash2001 is the Owner of Mine-RP and Head of the Mine-RP Board. Crash over sees all departments and tries to ensure that everything is being done to keep Mine-RP a fair and player friendly environment. Although Crash spends most of his time with Operations, he has been a staff member in all Departments before becoming Owner. Crash lives in Canada. He has a Degree (Hon) in Internet and Network Security as well as many other Industry Standard Certifications such as CCNE and Security+.

Head of Operations & Web Administrator

Zach, known as Mad_grunt45 in game is the Head of Server Operations and is our Web Administrator here at Mine-RP. It is Zach's responsibility to make sure our website is up-to-date, he is also responsible for the Operations department along with Bartek. Zach has been with Mine-RP since 1.2.5 working through the ranks from Donator to Head of Moderation then into the Server Operations Department. Zach also was the media specialist at his local High School.

TorpedoSpider (Bartek)
Second of Operations

Bartek, also known as torpedospider in game is the Second Head of Operations here at Mine-RP. It is Bartek's job to help Zach run the Operations department to make sure everything runs smoothly. Bartek is currently taking courses on C++ as well as HTML.

Head of Moderation

Reidaknight, Also known as “Rei” is Mine-RP’s head of Moderation Department. It is Reidaknight's responsibility to make sure our moderation department is doing their job correctly and also keeping our server nice and safe for our players by keeping them griefers away from the server and keeping people inside the rules. Reidaknight is from Canada and is studying Economics. Reidaknight has been playing here at Mine-RP since 2011.

Second of Moderation Dept.

We'll have some information on Alen soon.

Head of Creative Dept.

Korbin, Also known as "Hop" is the Head of the Creative Department. Hop oversees the Creative Department alongside his second ICanHasCrab. Hop lives in Dover, a small town in South-Central Pennsylvania where he enjoys spending time with friends and family, and is quite fond of videogames other than Minecraft, notably Smite.. He is currently a junior at California University of Pennsylvania, doing Bs Degree in Mechatronics Engineering Technology.

Second of Creative Dept.

More info to come!