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The Daigon

Dragonkin Race

Daigons are more slender and taller than normal humans, going towards a size of a giant. Their scaled skin makes them less vulnerable and gives them resistance to fire. With their horns and muscular body they look frightening, but having them as an ally is something to achieve. The Daigons do usually wear heavy armor and do often possess a small relic to pray for Zyala. With their bulky but also muscular body they are trained to use heavy weapons like poleaxes, greataxes or longswords.

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The Ankarii

Feline Race

Ankarii's are smaller than an average human. Their fur can protect them from cold breezing winds. With their keen eyes, slim but agile body, they are able to sneak in the dark and see more than any other race would ever can. Although, their tail and pointy ears have no benefits. The Ankarii's are overall faster but also more fragile than any other race. The felines do usually wear agile armor and cover their face often to prevent racism and have a favour to use knives for a clean and fast death.

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The Maurath

Orcish Race

The orcs are usually bulky and muscular. They are taller than an average human and are green skinned. The skin is compared to the human skin but the skin is a bit thicker, so they are less vulnerable to bruises. Orcs are used to have tattoo's on their body and earrings, and with their sharp and tall teeth they look quite intimidating.

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The Selwyn

Elven Race

The Selwyn is a race that is taller than an average human. They do usually have pointed ears and a pale skin. They know how to talk and contact mother nature, so their survivability is increased in the forests and are able to travel faster through them. Elves do usually wear camouflage clothing and have a favour to use bows for combat.

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The Humanoids

Human Race

Humanoids refer to the bears resembling a human, but isn't human. They are strong and tough creatures based off the strong bears and apes. The Humanoids are usually found in many different ways, this makes them the most variable race on Etharia.

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The Yzaerro

Lizard Race

The Yzaerro have a thick, usually brown/green scaled skin. With their scales, they are able to swim a longer period of time than any other race without getting oxygen. The Yzaerro do usually look intimidating due to their spikes on their back. Their size is just as tall as a human and usually a bit bulkier than an average human.

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The Ralwor

Dwarven Race

Ralwor Dwarves are half of the size of an average human. They do usually have a lot of facial hair, such as beards. The dwarves are used wear rings with carvings in them and have a wide variety of clothing. Since they do have short legs, they are not into walking long distances.

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The Ku-Sharg

Slime Race

The slimes are small but have the ability to bounch up higher which makes them able to jump more blocks. They are usually green colored but in some occasions they are found blue. With their slimy skin they can't take any bruises. But they are just as vulnerable as any other race.

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